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Airbrush Spray Tans

Full Spray Tan

Treatment Time: 30 minutes

Partial Spray Tan
(does not include midsection)

Treatment Time: 30 minutes

Upper or Lower

Treatment Time: 30 minutes

Spray Tan faqs


What is sunless tanning?

Sunless or spray tanning is a practical alternative to sunbathing. It can give your skin a tanned look without exposing it to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.


How does it work?

The sunless tanning solution quickly absorbs in the skin and both hydrates and balances essential moisture levels, producing outstanding sunless tanning results. It also creates a deep bronze natural-looking tan. No mess, no streaks, won’t clog pores, and no dyes to stain clothing or bedding.


How do I prepare for a spray tan?

  • Shower, shave and exfoliate.

  • No makeup, body spray, perfumes or deodorant the day of the spray tan.

  • All waxing services should be completed the day before receiving a spray tan.

  • Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing for after tan.


What can lighten or fade my tan?

  • Use of hot tub, swimming pool or a long hot bath.

  • All hair inhibiting lotions or depilatory hair removal products.

  • Wax hair removal, manicures & pedicures.

  • Body hair bleaching products.

  • Anti-aging, anti acne or any products that contain harsh chemicals.

  • Toners, Witch-Hazel or alcohol.

  • Facial masks or body scrubs.

  • Make-up remover or cleansing wipes containing oil.

  • All exfoliating products or use of a loofa, exfoliating mitt, washcloth, etc. or rubbing dry with towel.

  • Band-aids or adhesive tape.

  • Shaving with old, used razor (must use new razor lightly).

  • Various hormonal occurrences (ovulation, menstruation, pregnancy).

  • Bug spray sprayed directly on skin.


How do I maintain my spray tan?

  • Wait 5-6 hours to shower, but no more than 24 hours.

  • Pat dry with towel (don’t rub).

  • Moisturize up to 2x daily.


What should I wear for my spray tan?

Women must wear bottoms (panties, swimsuit bottoms, shorts).Tops are optional and suggestions include bra, swimsuit, tank top, bandeau or strapless bra/top. Men must wear bottoms (shorts, boxers, briefs, speedos).


Can I spray tan while pregnant?

It is suggested that expecting mothers wait until after the first trimester to use any type of self-tanners. Glow offers nose filters, goggles and lip balm to seal the lips as extra precautions while spray tanning once in to your second or third trimester. Due to hypersensitivity during pregnancy it might be possible that these self-tanners could cause skin irritation. A test should be done in an unnoticeable area 24 hours before a full spray. Please consult your physician before any spray tan appointment.


Is it safe to spray tan while breastfeeding?

Yes, but obviously do not spray the breast area. It is recommended you wear a top (bra, bandeau, swimsuit, etc.) and also a nose filter to avoid inhalation.


How long does a spray tan last?

On average, 7-10 days with proper after care.

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